Who Handles Siding Repairs in Pacific, MO?

Who Handles Siding Repairs in Pacific, MO?

L & M Construction will fix your vinyl or steel siding

Keeping your home’s siding intact and maintained can go a long way toward keeping what’s inside safe. L & M Construction LLC offers siding installations, repairs and replacement, so your home can always look its best. Our siding contractors use Mastic, Variform and CertainTeed siding and have experience installing:

  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Lap

Call 636-257-2550 today for a free estimate on siding installation at your Pacific, MO home.

3 reasons to keep your siding maintained

Aside from protection from rain and weather, a home’s siding serves other functions. There are numerous reasons to keep it maintained, including:

  1. Preventing insects from entering your home
  2. Providing a beautiful exterior appearance
  3. Maintaining the structure of your home

If structural components of your home are exposed to the elements for a prolonged amount of time, deterioration will be a much more extensive, and expensive, problem to tackle. Keep your home looking its best by contacting L & M Construction LLC today.